Design and WordPress Implementation

Website Redesign Case Study: Ace Yachting


ACE Yachting, a young and dynamic charter boat company based in Seget Donji at Marina Baotić, strives to provide a seamless and technologically advanced yacht rental experience. This case study explores the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) enhancements made to ACE Yachting’s website to address specific challenges and boost booking rates.


Problem Statement

ACE Yachting faced several challenges related to their website:

  • Complexity of Booking Process:

    Users found the booking process on the website confusing and time-consuming, leading to a high bounce rate.

  • Inconsistent User Journey:

    Users had no clear flow from browsing yachts to making reservations, causing frustration and drop-offs.

  • Lack of Mobile Optimization:

    The website was not optimized for mobile devices, limiting accessibility and user engagement.

  • Limited Engagement:

    Users had limited information about ACE Yachting’s team, services, and the Nausys program, making it challenging to build trust and establish credibility.



To address these challenges, ACE Yachting embarked on a redesign project focusing on improving UI and UX.

  • Revamp Visual Aesthetics:

    Shift from a dated design to a contemporary, visually appealing layout.

  • Improve Usability:

    Enhance navigation and user experience for greater engagement.

  • Boost Performance:

    Increase loading speed and mobile responsiveness.

  • Enhance SEO:

    Implement advanced SEO practices for better search engine rankings.

  • Upgrade Security:

    Strengthen security protocols and data protection.

Design Approach

  • Streamlined Booking Process:

    Simplified the yacht selection process with an intuitive filter system, allowing users to quickly narrow down their options based on size, capacity, and amenities. Introduced a step-by-step booking wizard, guiding users through the reservation process, from selecting a yacht to adding optional services and finalizing their booking.

  • Clear User Flow:

    Created a clear and intuitive navigation structure, ensuring that users can easily find information about yachts, services, and the team. Implemented a sticky navigation bar that remains accessible at all times, allowing users to seamlessly switch between yacht browsing and booking.

  • Mobile Optimization:

    Designed a responsive website layout that adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes, ensuring a consistent experience for both desktop and mobile users. Simplified mobile navigation with a collapsible menu and touch-friendly elements to enhance usability on smartphones and tablets.

  • Enhanced Content:

    Developed a dedicated “About Us” section featuring profiles and photos of ACE Yachting’s team members to create a personal connection with users and build trust. Introduced an informative page about the Nausys program, explaining its benefits and how it streamlines yacht management.


Steps and Deliverables

1. Design Overhaul


  • Modernize the website's look and feel.
  • Create a more engaging user interface.


  1. Conduct a design audit of the existing website.
  2. Develop a new color scheme and design theme.
  3. Integrate high-quality images and graphics.


  • A design mockup.
  • A style guide including color palettes, typography, and graphic elements.

2. Usability Enhancement


  • Simplify and improve navigation.
  • Create a more interactive user experience.


  1. User experience (UX) research and analysis.
  2. Redesign the navigation structure.
  3. Implement user feedback mechanisms.


  • Updated site map.
  • Interactive prototypes or wireframes.

3. Performance Optimization


  • Decrease website loading times.
  • Ensure optimal performance on mobile devices.


  1. Optimize images and website code.
  2. Implement responsive design principles.
  3. Conduct performance testing across devices.


  • Performance audit report.
  • Optimized website code and media files.

4. SEO Enhancement


  • Improve content visibility on search engines.
  • Tailor content for better search engine rankings.


  1. Perform an SEO audit.
  2. Optimize content with relevant keywords and meta tags.
  3. Improve website structure for SEO.


  • SEO strategy report.
  • Updated web pages with optimized content.

5. Security Upgrade


  • Enhance website security protocols.
  • Ensure data protection and privacy.


  1. Conduct a security assessment.
  2. Implement advanced security features and encryption.
  3. Regularly update and maintain security measures.


  • Security audit report.
  • Implementation of security protocols.


After implementing these UI and UX enhancements, ACE Yachting experienced significant improvements:

  • Reduced Bounce Rate:

    The simplified booking process led to a 30% reduction in bounce rates, indicating that users found it more straightforward and engaging.

  • Improved Conversion Rates:

    The clear user flow and intuitive design resulted in a 20% increase in booking conversions, as users were more inclined to complete their reservations.

  • Mobile Accessibility:

    Mobile traffic increased by 40%, and mobile bounce rates decreased by 25% after the mobile optimization efforts, indicating improved accessibility.

  • Higher Engagement:

    The “About Us” section saw a 50% increase in page views, and the Nausys program page gained substantial traffic, showcasing higher user engagement.

Overall Assessment

ACE Yachting successfully addressed several challenges and boosted their booking rates by improving the UI and UX of their website. The streamlined booking process, clear user flow, mobile optimization, and enhanced content not only improved user engagement but also established ACE Yachting as a trustworthy and technologically advanced charter boat company in the eyes of its customers. These improvements contributed to a more user-friendly and conversion-focused web presence, ultimately driving business growth for ACE Yachting.

The redesigned Ace Yachting website marks a significant improvement over its predecessor. The modern design, coupled with enhanced usability, optimized performance, and advanced SEO strategies, significantly elevates the user experience. Moreover, the bolstered security measures ensure a safe and reliable online environment, reinforcing trust among users.

This comprehensive redesign not only revitalizes the brand’s digital footprint but also sets a new benchmark for online presence in the yachting industry. The successful implementation of these changes reflects a deep understanding of user needs and industry trends, positioning Ace Yachting at the forefront of digital innovation.